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During the Q&A, Melissa shed light on what inspired her to venture into this unique career path and the hurdles she had to overcome. She also pinpointed the pivotal moments that skyrocketed her content and shared her current project, which involves a series on organizing and cleaning every room in her house. With a deep passion for community-based interaction and authentic sharing of her daily life, Melissa’s subscriber count has seen substantial growth, moving from a handful to over 175K, with more room to grow.

Please note that this Q&A has been condensed for brevity and clarity.

Melissa’s YouTube Channel:

Q: What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?

A: My inspiration to start a YouTube channel was rooted in my daily life. In the hustle and bustle of managing a home, work, and keeping everything organized, I discovered a wealth of experiences and practical knowledge that I felt could help others in similar situations. From figuring out efficient cleaning routines to DIY projects on a budget, I realized that my everyday life was filled with stories and tips that could be valuable to many people. Moreover, I craved a creative outlet where I could express myself and connect with others, and YouTube seemed like the perfect platform for that.

Q: How has your channel grown over the years?

A: From those early days of having just a handful of subscribers, we’ve now built a strong, supportive community of over 175,000 people. While the numbers are indeed a testament to our growth, what truly gratifies me is the engagement and interaction within our community. I cherish the feedback, the ongoing conversations, the shared experiences, and the sense of belonging that has blossomed within our YouTube family. It’s the community spirit that keeps me motivated and excited to continue this journey.

Q: What are some challenges you’ve faced as a creator?

A: One of the most significant challenges has been finding the right balance between my personal life and my responsibilities as a content creator. With a full-time job and now also managing a YouTube channel, it’s like juggling two jobs. There are days when editing videos takes a backseat because my family needs my attention, or when dinner is a bit rushed because I’m responding to comments on my latest post. Another challenge I’ve encountered is dealing with negativity or harsh criticism online. It’s never easy to hear negative comments about something you’ve poured your heart into. However, I’ve learned to focus more on the positive feedback and constructive criticism, and understand that I can’t please everyone. These challenges, as difficult as they may be, have taught me resilience, and they continue to shape me as a person and as a creator.

Q: What are your thoughts on brand partnerships?

A: Brand partnerships are a complex topic. They certainly offer thrilling opportunities to collaborate with brands I respect and admire, and it’s rewarding to introduce their products or services to my community. But it’s not a decision I take lightly. I believe in the authenticity of my content and maintaining a trust bond with my audience. So, any brand partnership needs to align with my values and meet my audience’s expectations. I wouldn’t want to promote a product that I wouldn’t use in my daily life or that doesn’t align with my content.

Q: What are your criteria for choosing a brand partner?

A: When it comes to choosing a brand partner, it’s not just about the product or the remuneration. It’s about alignment in values and authenticity. The key question I always ask myself is: “Is this product or service something I genuinely believe in and would use in my own life? Would it be useful to my subscribers?” For instance, I recall a time when an upscale cookware brand approached me for a collaboration. Their products were of high quality, beautiful to look at, but they didn’t resonate with the practical, budget-conscious mindset I promote on my channel. Despite the tempting offer, I chose to decline because it simply didn’t feel right.

Q: What are your expectations of a brand partner?

A: When it comes to expectations from a brand partner, I value respect for my creative freedom and understanding of my community. While I appreciate a brand’s perspective and their vision for their product, it’s crucial for them to acknowledge that I know my audience best. I have spent years building this community and creating content that resonates with them. So, while I’m open to guidance, ultimately, the presentation of the product should be in line with my content style and audience preferences.

Q: What are challenges you’ve faced in working with brands?

A: In my journey as a YouTuber, I’ve faced a few challenges while working with brands. One of the primary obstacles is dealing with brands that have a fixed idea of how they want their product to be showcased. As much as I understand their perspective, it’s crucial to maintain the authenticity of my content. It’s a balancing act and can be quite a learning curve. Over time, I’ve learned to be more assertive in ensuring that any partnerships I undertake are in the best interest of my community.

Q: What advice would you give to brands who are looking to partner with YouTubers?

A: If I were to give advice to brands looking to partner with YouTubers, it would be: trust in the creator’s knowledge of their community. We have spent significant time and energy nurturing our channels, understanding our audience, and creating content that resonates with them. While brands bring valuable insights about their product or service, we bring a deep understanding of our community. The most successful partnerships are ones that feel like a true collaboration, where both parties respect and value each other’s expertise. So, let’s work together to create something impactful and beneficial for all.

Q: What are future plans for your channel?

A: As for the future of my channel, oh boy, do I have plans! It’s like my brain is a popcorn machine, popping with ideas. I plan to diversify the content, including more hands-on DIYs, maybe some gardening tips (if I can keep my plants alive, that is). But most importantly, I aim to keep fostering this wonderful community we’ve built together, one vlog at a time. So, stay tuned, folks, the best is yet to come!

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